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a preliminary investigation

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1. Introduction

A geofiction project at my son’s school cropped up the question if a theofiction project might also be possible. Geofiction is imaginary geography: making up and developing a ‘geo’, an imaginary geographical unit. That may be a country, a town, a region, a planet, a planetary system etc. The definition of theofiction is, equivalent to ‘geofiction’; making up and developing a religion.
I cannot imagine there would be parents objecting to a geofiction project, but I can imagine possible objections to a theofiction project, in connection with the philosophical or religious background of parents, who may think it disrespectful or even profane to learn about religions and lifestances through theofiction, in which case theofiction would overshoot its intention. In case of unsurmountable objections a theofiction project is destined to remain a fictitious project.
If there are few objections or surmountable ones, there are various possibilities for such a project from a didactic point of view.

In this article I will not go into the didactic possibilities of a theofiction project, but I will investigate if there are philosophical objections against theofiction and if there are possibilities to meet these. To this end I have made a brief sketch of the intention and purpose of a theofiction project for secondary education, and these I have discussed with representatives of five different religions. The opinions of these people do not represent the official positions of their lifestance with respect to theofiction, but they give an idea of the possibility or impossibility of theofiction at school.
The discussions were also about what values in their religion they personally considered  important. I am grateful to the people with whom I had these fascinating conversations and for the time they spent on them.

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