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a preliminary investigation

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2. Theofiction as a project

A theofiction project can be realized in many ways, but, in order to be able to talk about something concrete and about the same project, I have drawn up a short sketch, which I have handed to them. The example is intended as a project for pupils of the 4th or 5th form of HAVO or VWO (secondary education).

2.1 Purposes:      

2.2 What could a theofiction project look like?

Pupils are divided in 6 groups (lifestance groups) and  they all study one of the main philosophies:  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Humanism. To round this part off the groups give a presentation of the philosophy they have studied  for all the other groups. Each participant must take a value, or values, of that philosophy that he/she thinks important, to the theofiction group he/she is going to join next.

The theofiction groups are made up of (preferably 6) students, each one representing one of the various philosophies. They all bring in the values that they think important and “good” from the philosophy they have studied, and introduce those in the theofiction. The idea is that a group reaches an agreement about a number of values they all agree to, which are introduced in their theofiction. These values can be worked out in norms, rituals, holidays, symbols, gatherings etcetera, according to what the members of the group agree upon. Finally the theofictions are presented to the other groups.

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