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a preliminary investigation

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5. Conclusions
A theofiction project does not meet with philosophical objections which prevent the developing and carrying out such a project. The fact that Buddhism and Hinduism
have no objections is what I expected on the ground of literature. I expected possible objections from Abrahamic religions, all three of them having a religious truth about a one and only God. The opinions of the Jewish person and in particular those of the Muslima  were a pleasant surprise for me.

The talks about the values which they hoped that pupils would bring in to the theofiction were constructive and profound. Some values are more obvious than others, but it is nice to see how people live according to their own personal philosophy. I realize that,  if I would speak with five different representants of these five riligions, I would get different values, or in any case different accents and colours. I hope that students, when making a theofiction will realize this: religions and philosophies are personal and develop continuously. That a book or a  theory can be a source of inspiration, but that it always people who interpret and make choices.

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