wat is theofictie?
introductie (filmpje!)

introduction (movie!) In English
veel gestelde vragen

module 16/18 jaar

meer lezen
articles In English

reacties studenten
reacties docenten


Theofiction is: making up a religion

This short movie gives a first impression

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Theofiction was developed to be used in school (citizenship education, religious education, ‘projectweek’), but it may be used elsewhere as well. Making a theofiction gives insight in one’s own philosophy and those of others and hence contributes in understanding ‘the other’. Making up a theofiction in a group has a surplus value over making a solo-theofiction because it requires communication and consensus about values and norms. Creating a theofiction together is a creative process and presenting it to others articulates the own views (shared by the group) again.



“Young people want to develop their own values, not so much as a strong authentic expression of values but to be able to choose from the supply of values. A choice they perceive and experience as a private self-concious choice.” (Wiel Veugelers; Docenten en waardenvormende dialogen , 2006, pg 5.)


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